X1 low profil, only sprocket, suitable for boats from 6 to 9 mt. The space that characterizes it, arising from design, it is widely tolerated in the light of the significant advantages set forth herein. They assure a safe and fast connection with all tubes. Buoy for rnets, lanes, etc. Knowing the right foods to eat and how to prepare them make the backbone of a healthy lifestyle. The length under deck is cm. Made of aluminum alloy resistant to marine corrosion.

This simple form makes it possible to adapt the sensors to any type of installation. Hook fender holder in stainless steel AISI with closing spring Double clips fender holder, white or black colour. Brass bilge strainer with stainless steel gauze It allows a right sthourge of the chain in the forepeak. AISI stainless steel clamps covered with rubber ideal for supporting and fixing pipes, electrical cables, etc. The frame is flat to the wall in order to receive all the water from the cockpit.

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It is therefore, incorporated into all of our programmes but specific plans based only around these areas can also be accommodated, Pilates and yoga programmes can be especially helpful to rehabilitate and strengthen the body panndllo an injury. Article MM25 FO Turns vertical charge kg. Watertight push button 30 Amp. Locking ring secures rod.


Power supply 12V 2,8A, fuse 5 Amp. Particularly suitable as fender. Technical design wraparound glasses designed for use in racing.

Easy chain system ECS MS s a motorized tube swinging right and left, where the chain is sliding. It can be totally opened. To be connected to the chain with a spare link. Lighting with 1,5 V.

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Housing in high strength fabric technology, without harness, belt life with quick release buckle acetal. Easy inspection through a brass flange. Automatic fire extinguishers, class of fire ABC, ceiling mounted. Can run dry without damage. It allows direct connection with batteries, no need generator. Transparent plastic body for easy inspection. They form hull inverted trapezoidal cross section that follows the profile of the hull in order to maximize the space bilge.

STurbo Hydrofoil Spoiler for outboard and inboard motors, built in black polypropylene polymer. For kitchen sink, recommended long spout. For outboard motors up to 80 kg. Interior frame, lock with handles, telescopic callipers, can be totally opened. Body and grille in white ASA and Stainless steel bracket. Made of anodized alloy.


Article A B C Orange White Yellow Lt. Display in 5 languages.

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Complete with fuse holder. It adapts to any kind of stern. Can be left slightly open to have ventilation when crew is sleeping.

Completi pxnnello strisce di copertura per i bordi del coperchio. From meals plans to recipe ideas we can help you! Suitable for water, oil, diesel, etc. The bowl is built in high resistant material and transparent for easy inspection.

Kg Lenght boat m. Pannelllo tenacity white polyester braided rope. Activation smoke occurs with manual trigger. Check valve and electronic pressure switch. It also works indoors and does not require forced ventilation.

Floor in marine grade wood For anchors up to 12 kg.