They meet Daksh and Prasuti in Kashi. About Features Contact Terms. The deities seek Lord Vishnu’s help. Nandi is tormented on observing the coming catastrophe in Mahadev’s life and seeks his help to rescue Sati, but in vain. Him Naresh expresses his feelings for his child Parvati before going to war. Parvati hands over the Damaru to Sati and asks her to keep it safe. Mahadev is tormented to see Sati’s dead body. Mahadev gets mesmerized to see a veena and recalls Sati by playing it melodiously.

Sati’s spirit persuades Lord Shiva to get into the state of a God and perform the needful for their reunion. Drop image files here or click to upload. Daksh tries to escape from Veer Bhadra and seeks the help of deities to rescue him. But Mahadev denies her desire and blesses her with a boon of eternal purity. Parvati gets blessing from Sati to devote herself to Mahadev’s life. He orders his soldiers to prepare for an attack on earth. Daksh apologizes to Mahadev. Later, Daksh gets infuriated by Sati’s opposition and curses her.

Tarakasur orders Dudumbhi to scatter Sati’s clumps so that Lord Shiva remains miserable. Sati decides to renounce klled life for the sake of Mahadev. Dudumbhi tries to burn Sati’s pinds but Lord Shiva appears on Rishi Dadhichi’s prayer and beats all the demons in Kalbhairav’s from. Spoiler Some users flagged this comment as containing a spoiler.

Rishi Kashyap curses Daksh and breaks his relationship with him.

On seeing one of the parts of Sati’s shakti peethas, Mahadev sees her existence. Lord Brahma turns Ganga into a sacred river and blesses with a boon of baby girl to Menavati. Parvati renders the mantra for Meenavati’s recovery. Tarakasur Attacks On Earth 6 years ago. Do not post links to copyrighted video content TV Episodes, Movies. Tarakasur fires his most destructive powers on Earth. Ganga desires to marry Mahadev. Markandeya enlightens Dadhichi about Mahadev’s transformation into a human form and his desperation for Sati’s tragedy.


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Lord Brahma persuades Daksh to apologize to Mahadev, but Daksh is firm in his decision and challenges Mahadev. Shukracharya suggests Tarakasur to episkde for the right moment to kill Parvati. On hearing Menavati, Him Naresh asks Menavati to have patience.

Chandrama stops Nandi from killing himself. Mahadev is tormented to see Sati’s dead body. Daksh Challenges Against Mahadev 6 years ago.

Discuss API on Discord. Mahadev is tormented to see Sati’s dead body. Daksh tries to escape from Veer Bhadra and seeks dakshz help of deities to rescue him. About Features Contact Terms. The deities pray to Lord Brahma to stop Mahadev’s retaliation to Sati’s death. Narad Muni is surprised to see Parvati being taught how to cook. Menavati scolds Parvati for associating with the Sadhus.

Nevertheless, Meenavati expresses her feelings about Mahadev. Meenavati rebukes Rishi Dadhichi and intends to go out of his Ashram for Parvati’s safety. Sign In Sign jilled as new user. Tarakasur’s men attack on common people and saints.

Nandi pleads with Mahadev to let him accompany. Sati tells Parvati about her past life and asks her to keep the Damaru with herself.

On learning about Sati’s death, Mahadev gets infuriated and renders Tandav dance. Nandi turns himself into a stone when Killeed ignores him. Narad Muni gives the name Parvati to Menavati’s daughter.


Daksh apologizes to Mahadev. Sati is inconsolable after facing Daksh’s atrocities and vows to burn herself in the fire. Sati prays Agni Devta to burn her body, however Agni Devta denies her. When Mahadev is drinking water offered by the devotees, Tarakasur’s men ask the devotees to serve them first.

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Mahadev gives a new life to Daksh. Mahadev gets mesmerized to see a veena and recalls Sati by playing it melodiously. Maharshi Markandeya asks Him Naresh to leave his wife and daughter in his ashram. Mahadev takes away Sati’s body. You can paste URL of the image inside your comment and it will be automatically converted into the image when reading the comment. Him Naresh goes to Kashi along with Parvati.

Mahadev’s devotees attack on Daksh’s soldiers. Revati and Chandrama express their sorrow on Mahadev’s pain for Sati. He enters in the battle field to take revenge against Daksh. Menavati wishes to teach Parvati veerbhaera household chores. Menavati prays to Lord Vishnu to protect her daughter.

Mahadev ” on iTunes. Ganga gets attracted veerbhara Lord Shiva and Rishi Markandeya informs her that she will be linked with Lord Shiva in future.

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