Then she asks if Jade can be in it too. Very early the next morning Beck was dressed and making his way out of Trina’s room and heading towards the door. Eventually, Beck finds out about Tori’s secret by himself because he knows that Tori would not change so much on purpose. Tori, at the end of Andre’s story: It was getting late now and Beck had to get moving. Tori forces Cat to show her true self to Evan, convincing her that he will like her as herself. The show’s producer, Mason Thornesmith, and his team want to re-invent her look and personality for publicity.

Do you want us to go with you? Beck tries to trick Jade into going to a drag race, but instead goes with Sinjin and ends up having a great time. His only hope was that he could get to Andre and Robbie before they got to Trina and call them off. Trina was a tiny piece of nylon from being totally exposed to Beck, and in a second her panties were gone and Beck’s tongue had found its way inside her. After their song, they wonder where Moose is, and it is revealed that he is in Jade’s car kissing her. Jade makes a bet with Andre and Robbie that if they lose they must do the ” Hammer Dance” every time Jade tells them to do it.

Beck Kisses Trina Scene – Victorious

In the end, this plans works and Trina gets accepted back bec Hollywood Arts. Tori and Jade are cast in a play as a married couple, a task that challenges their acting skills and lack of friendship. But he turns out to be lazy during the project, leaving them to do all the work.

This morning, Jade and Beck’s slap page bio listed them both as single, for the first time in 1 year and 11 months, and that gave Trina an idea. While Tori is in prison, her friends go to the chancellor’s office and ask for Tori to be freed.

But when Robbie is rushed to the hospital, Tori jeopardizes her role to give him blood. How he heard that Trina was spreading rumors about them, how he confronted her in the hallway, her kiss, his plan and the results.

Trina began softly moaning, and could feel herself starting to get very wet. When Tori explains why she was trying to find her a date, Jade tells Beck he can go out with whomever he wants because they are broken up.


Tori and the gang are offered a week-long trip to Festus’ home country of Yerba to perform as evening entertainment for the hotel. Because, this afternoon at school, Trina and I sort of connected… he blushes furiously Andre: Episoed asks Sinjin to rig the prom queen election so she can win, while in turn she promises to be his date to the prom.

She says she is not mad and Beck can hang out with whomever he wants. This forces Jade and Beck to decide whether or not they should remain a couple. Jade becomes jealous when Beck starts hanging out eisode Alyssa Vaughn, a famous socialitewho may like him. Principal Eikner resigns as principal of Hollywood Arts.

She again performs “The Bird Scene” and states that she is proud of her work. Trivia This episode was filmed the week of November This leads to a two-hour drive to San Diego with unusual results.

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Season 3 Episode 5. Meanwhile, Cat uses a new app called “Tap It! Yeah, well just be quiet and get in the car and nobody gets hurt. Jade says that when she did her terrible singing, the staff said no, but then Trina threw a gas bomb, making them pass out except for her because she wore a gas mask.

The show’s producer, Mason Thornesmith, and his team want to re-invent her look and personality for publicity. Tori finds out that Trina has followers to her on TheSlap. Tori then tries to get Helen to accept Trina into Hollywood Arts, and when Helen trian, Tori spisode Robbie to pretend to be victorkous robber to ‘rob’ Helen in the school.

Vega sees the boys by the couch and walks over to them. Robbie gets Cat a candyfloss making machine, which she gets excited about because it comes with a man. There, they meet two boys who hit on them and can’t take a hint they aren’t interested. Meanwhile, Andre and Robbie make a video to win a new Pear Pad 3, but they fall while wearing giant pear costumes and epusode get up. Tori, Jade, and Cat decide to go to Nozu after a day of filming Beck’s new movie called “The Blonde Squad,” but do not take off their blonde wigs and their blue contact lenses because Tori wants victoriohs know what it is like to be blonde.


Andre is tired of living with his crazy grandmother and he decides to bunk with Tori, but it does not turn out well. During the episode there are a lot of references to the movie, such as the phrases, the dancing scenes and the chasing in the fyll.

The Dancing Lobsters as themselves.

Meanwhile, Robbie and Sinjin are tricked by two Northridge girls who steal their things. Robbie also tries to attracts girls only to get rejected each time.

Meanwhile, Trina practices her hacking and coughing for the role of a sick girl in the play, but ends up getting tuberculosis after going with Tori to the hospital. He exits, shaking his head. Beck tries to trick Jade into going to a drag race, but instead goes with Sinjin and ends up having a great time. They drove back to Tori’s house, but Beck’s truck was still there.

Ok Boys this isn’t very nice…. Sinjin enlists the gang to help him out with his game show, Queries for Couples. Meanwhile, Robbie and Cat go see his grandmother Mamaw, so Robbie can fix the internet. After this, Beck takes Jade back anyway, admitting he still loves her.

She then finds coffee and spills it on top of Tori, causing her to leave the room in humiliation. Beck began kissing her breasts and sucking on her nipples, which inflamed her passion even more.

During the game show, Beck and Jade discover that they are unhappy with their relationship. At the insistence of Trina, who does not want to be known as the “freaky girl whose younger sister quit on her first day” and Andre, who tells her not to let a mean girl crush her confidence, Tori returns to class and subsequently gets revenge on Jade by besting her in an improv assignment and then by kissing Beck in front of her.