Fuck Syd Field and fuck all plot points. Because big is NOT always Biutiful! Suprateek Chatterjee Entertainment Editor. Views Read Edit View history. Email Address never made public. January 24, at Edit Cast Credited cast: Real-time popularity on IMDb.

Huma Qureshi, in a still from ‘Highway’ However, whatever emotional impact the movie delivers is often lost to the incoherence of the screenplay, which is, quite simply, crammed with way too many characters for a feature film of viewable length. The Music creates an atmosphere that fits perfectly in the philosophical universe of Vihir and beautifully fills in the spaces where for minutes there are no dialogues. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Of life and death. The well [1] is a Marathi film directed by Umesh Vinayak Kulkarni which was released in March [ needs update ] and was featured in Berlin film festival and Rotterdam International Film Festival , the Netherlands. They just dont make sense. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

While swimming in the well, Nachiket always uses a wooden support as he doesn’t know how to swim while Sameer is going to represent his school in swimming competition. The cinematography by Sudhir Palsane has already won awards for his excellent vihjr of the countryside and the illuminated city.

Vihir movie meaning in spanish

Girish Kulkarni a regular with Umesh Vlhir who also plays the alcoholic uncle and Sati Bhave’s tale is a retrospect of those good old days and an introspection on a lot of things about yourself. March 20, at Am not sure if the actors spent some time together before the shoot or what lead to such strong bond on screen but its pure magic. Well Nachiket does sets free, and from there begins in quite an allegorical manner the game of hide and seek.

October 17, at Was this review helpful to you? It is about keeping a positive attitude towards life. Mansi — its something called opinion based on first n second hand experience! Well, many of these things I also had. Both of them share interest in swimming in the well and playing hide and seek.


November 21, at By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. March 23, at His wife has passed away a few years back and he has a strained relationship with both his Meanwhile, Sameer finds Nachiket’s lonely and cut-off attitude towards the family quite strange and when he confronts Nachiket about it, Nachiket tells him about his outlook towards life which confuses Sameer even more.

The editor Niraj Voralia could have cut particular sequences like the boy traveling in the train and few other which are time consuming. September 22, at Views Read Edit View history. His journey takes him by a train to a stone quarry where he meets one nomadic sheep herder.

You may also like! Archived from the original on 15 February How can one get such natural acting from kids? Email Address never made public. Veteran artistes like Dr.

‘Highway’ Review: An Overloaded Vehicle That Takes The Wrong Route

If you love mind tickling movies, watch Lucia Kannada movie It will blow your mind. A year-old Indian boy who has just lost his father is forced to adapt to a new school in a small village. Later when the politics plays its part things take a drastic change. It is inferred that Nachiket is dead but Sameer understands this fact after he completes his journey and understands that it is through the eyes of heart, one could find and remember the one who is moovie with us physically.

He must search to learn the meaning of life, however vaguely, on his own. A vignette-based story of assorted, motley characters travelling on the Mumbai-Pune expressway, Highway comes across as vastly different territory for its director, who has previously made hinterland-based films.


Just like his short Three of us, it really looks like he just kept the camera when everything was going on for real. Here comes the maturity in the writing and direction part. This story is about how an old man tried to show his grandson the preciousness and beauty of life in a no win situation such as cancer. When he returns after two days, he movi to know that Nachiket drowned in the well and is no more.

What will he do in the second half? They just dont make sense.

“write the book you want to read.”: Mesmerized by Vihir (the Well)

This site uses Akismet to reduce moviee. This is a Jewish ring, Spanish origin of the fifteenth century, it is silver but there are still traces of black enamel, which would mean an inscription: Who was the best-dressed on the Oscars red carpet?

You try to make sense of the world. Let there be more Vihirs. Sameer is an excellent swimmer, while Nachiket requires a wooden buoy which he ties around his waist to keep him afloat and while they swim or troll around the meaninf, they talk about life and their perception towards life.

They laugh and Sameer says that he has finally found him.

They play a game of hide and seek in a rather unusual way. Still water runs deep, well that’s an apt expression when it comes to describing Umesh Kulkarni’s Tour de force “Vihir”.

Apr 16, Fandry. But then there is some more. It movje deals with death, almost in a meditative way. And do watch it on big screen.