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As far as Cuba b concerned. Alts Wood, dean at arts and science; Dr. British and German leaders appear to think he may be right. I 1 Mi HM B. School construction In the province had been halted In the province at a time of rapid population expansion. On sunny afternoons trout ara being taken on brown or black flies in 9hawnigsn Lake at the mouths or creeks and culverts flowing Into the lake. Thera appears to be a trend back to lures, instead of roe or paste this year, by tome of the moat ardent steelheaders.

Fuel tanks and connections must be so built as to lessen the chance of rupture in collisions. Master Michael toaste were proposed by Mr. The Hk and Hers refrigerators were off.

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Uabka students soy that Tari- ton and Schwartz represent the university’s best hope of becoming s place where original thought and fresh teaching con Sourish. These are improvements that Canadians, too, probably can expect epusode find in their new cars next year, since for Canadian cars to sell In the United States they must measure up. I decided to eet an avocado and think It over. He even went so far as to deny that any real overture was made to him, presumably to avoid embarrassment to the state department- For it might have been inferred that North Vietnam had chosen to approach him rather than official quarters where Mttle sympathetic response or even rebuff might have been anticipated.


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Do the Russians want to help settle tiie Vietnam war before It epjsode out of hand? They point out tost a yaboa of faculty members who hold tenure permanence of employment were here when toe university was a college. Not another in torn like tide. In enlarged shopping centre on northern outskirts of Teas is being paid by older- mid-island city. For prior viewing pleaae call A. Chiron, discovered the plant and used it in the art of healing, naming it after his favorite pupil.


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