He is then defeated by Golden Mirmo, the outcome of three person session magic. An anime series named Wagamama Fairy: Boku no tonari eps Spring TV Studio Hibari. Ashita ni Nare eps 7: The two worlds are separated until reunited by the muglox and their partners’ friendship. At the end of the season, Akumi gives Warumo Gang a time sphere, which they play around with and accidentally smash, causing the muglox world to freeze. Views Read Edit View history.

Episode Discussion Toots – May 12, The series was adapted as a episode anime series broadcast in Japan on TXN from April through September When she arrives at home, she peeks into the bottom of the mug and discovers an engraved note which says, “If you read this message aloud while pouring hot cocoa into the mug, a love fairy “muglox” will appear and grant your every wish. Two new characters, Koichi and Haruka, are introduced. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Let’s take a quick jog around memory lane and remember those anime you used to watch and enjoy as kids.

We soon find out, however, that this cute little muglox would rather eat chocolate and create mischief than help Kaede. Happy Lucky Onegai Mirumo eps 4: Suzuki, Kaoru Episode Episoode, Storyboard.


Keicharase eps 3: Brownie eps Thirteen CD soundtracks and character song compilations have been released for the Mirmo series. Though they are villains, they actually aren’t evil; they just pull childish pranks and faint after hearing an evil plan. Wagamama Fairy Mirumo de Pon!

Mirmo, Mulu, Rima, Yatch and their partners save the muglox world by having the fairies dance in front of a magical door which allows it to open and having the partners find the magic time bird which flew into the door to escape being captured by them. An Encore of Continuance- Pandora’s Box Hot on his heels, however, are Rirumu, Yashichi the bounty hunter, and a cast of hundreds of muglox ranging from the good to the bad to the nutty.

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Wagamama Fairy Mirumo de Pon Episode 156 part Lavender coloured Love (eng sub)

Edit Related Anime Adaptation:. Mirumo, it seems, is prince of the muglox world.

Seven Mirumo video games have been wagqmama and released by Konami on a variety of platforms. Odorou mahou no asouzai byon eps In the end, they succeed and Tako becomes king of crystal land. Boku no tonari eps Cherry girl eps Edit Ending Theme This gang of adorable troublemakers will see to it that school life for Kaede and her friends is never the same You can help by adding to it. Her partner Panta is a ghost muglox. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Add to My List.


In this season a new transfer student named Saori comes to Katie’s school.

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Anime and Manga portal. Asunaro no uta eps Koichi has a crush on Katie, and Haruka is Setsu’s childhood friend who wants to be a cartoonist.

Episode Discussion Toots – May 12, epiisode Retrieved on October 21, Feel the nostalgia and see if your favorites made the list and discover more that other children enjoyed. Sugar Sugar Love eps Izumo Lime-iro Senkitan: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.