I have also messed with more expensive Washburns, they did not sound near as good but still good of course. Not the best sound it doesn’t equal the used Carvin I just went out and bought, after two years of learning the bass , but a sound you can certainly enjoy and use, at home and at starting-out gigs. This is a light but substantially solid axe. Is the XB a good bass to start out with? Most would complain of the sound. Dean Markley Blue Steel strings had a bit of a metallic sound. The overall sound of the bass is a full, rich, thumping wall of sound–what you’d want and expect from a P-bass–but without the throaty growls and spanking mid-range articulation you’d get from a more expensive pickup.

It has a very comfortable rosewood fingerboard. I’ve had positive success with GHS Boomers for a brighter sound. Either wait a month or 2, or grab a good deal on the last of the X series. Got it originally for my daughter but she likes guitar better so I ended up with it. This bass was made for anyone to do a little bit of everything on it. In a few months I made a huge progress in my game.

So I decided to chuck it about 20 yards onto the grass. So far I haven’t found anything I don’t like about this bass.

It’s easy to use for a beginner and for gigging without straining your back! Super high amount of views. It has a very clear tone with a Precision-like sound.

Non paying bidders that have outbid someone else in most cases cost the seller the sale altogether, so please bid only if serious and swries to complete transaction, otherwise eBay is authorized to open unpaid item cases on my behalf 4 days after the auction ends. I serjes a Fender Mustang and a Precision – both in the 60’s and this Washburn feels better.


I got this bass from my uncle a few years ago. This is a light but substantially solid axe. The neck stayed stable, the tuning also, and the hardware is very good. This is my second bass in the last 10 years and I expect it to be the only one I’ll need for several years to come. Independence, KansasShips to: Please consider this when you bid and leave feedback stars. Electric BassBrand: Replaced nut, but nothing else.

Washburn Bantam Series Model XB 4 String Electric Bass Guitar | eBay

I purchased it at a great music store that sells aot of Washburn stuff. Well, depends on who’s making these basses. I would recommend this bass to anyone. It’s fun to play and play with. Request a new review.

It is made out of solid mahogany. Most store-fronts are sold out. I only charge what the Post Office charges to ship your item to you.

Washburn Pro Bantam Series XB-100/TS 4 String Electric Bass Guitar

It’s a good pr bass. This is just a darned great buy for the price. Did you find this review helpful? If you want a new one, you’d better get one now. If there is a problem with an item, please contact so it can be resolved. I have the natural wood finish and couldn’t be happier with this bass! ChicagoKid Full Member Posts: Construction seems solid with clean lines and smooth finish.


Washburn Bantam Series Model XB100 4 String Electric Bass Guitar

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What’s nice is that this bass is lighter than many basses, with a thinner neck, but is no less solid in construction. Ships on time with tracking, 0 problems with bbantam sales.

But I wish I got the natural finish as the black shows fingerprints easier. It was my first and I won’t be parting with it.

It can be muddy. The body is a three part laminate with the laminates similar to through body basses. Here’s where your knowledge in set ups pays off. I have had mine for a few years and it is still in very good shape.

A less expensive instrument uses less expensive parts and not as much detail in finishing and set up. This piece is absolutely well made. This mohogany Wasbburn plays like a much more expensive bass, most mohogany basses cost 2 to 3 times as much as this one.