But back to this movie, the acting was horrible. Five months later, the Sharps had found a semblance of community in their new home, with the children having made friends amongst the other residents of the Keddie cabins. It would have got 2 stars if the fake american accents were not so bloody awful. The gore is terrible, and you can’t wait for the mother to be killed right from the beginning. Was that a joke? The footnotes in these books are clickable links that take you to a FREE website where you can read and discuss these documents for yourself. Various weapons were found at the scene, including a table knife, a butcher knife, and a bloody hammer.

A fourth victim, a year-old daughter, vanished in the night—her remains found years later and miles away. The Stones Unturned Podcast. Graysmith’s book is debunked here: We see another police-officer convincing the young one that in these parts you’d better not stir up too much dust, in other words: Now, over thirty years later, Cabin 28 finally gives up its deadly secret. The pacing was really off, which felt like the cinematography version of an ‘awkward silence’.

There was no introduction with the characters, so it was kind all over the place. Her wrists and cabinn were also bound with medical tape and two rounds of electrical wire.

A Haunting at the Rectory I also want to get the Early Bird Books newsletter featuring great deals on ebooks. The Deputy Sean Rhys-James The family had moved from Connecticut after Sue separated from her husband, James. I had some hope for this movie based on the events that inspired the movie, it could have been something great, but it wasn’t.

Just don’t waste your time. The characters are kerdie dumb and pathetic that you don’t even care what happens to any of them in the end, which is sad because these events actually happened. Moments like this just remind you that you’re watching a horror movie, not immersed in the terror along with the characters.


Get this podcast on your phone! Don’t bother locking the door, they’re already inside. It’s a shame someone tried to pass this off as a “based on true events” movie. I simply cannot watch any more without sharing my annoyance of the characters and a couple of ‘long scenes’. I looked up their other titles and new they are schlock merchants, so I ignored them or told them to stuff it- I don’t recall keddle.

I hate to be too hard on what seems to be a low-budget production, but some of the greats were also low budget. Watch Now With Prime Video.

Some theorists believe that mob, gang, or police connections were responsible for the bungling of the case and the destruction of the property—but without the complete facts, it’s hard to know whether incompetence, conspiracy, or mere bad luck have left the Keddie murders unsolved. The acting was terrible. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Whether it was really based on a true event as they elaborately claim or ffree, I kept wondering why the makers of this This movie is shameful, and I definitely do not recommend it. The two guys we saw earlier are interviewed by the police.

The parh that I am giving it another chance should help in some way to tell you it wasn’t all THAT bad Various weapons were found at the scene, including a table knife, a butcher knife, pxrt a bloody hammer.

Start your free trial. Suziesworld 27 February Cabin 28 is empty, lazy, and neither pays tribute to, nor is a great representation to this real life tragedy.


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I will now continue this film with the knowledge I feel needed sharing. Grant’s “Game of Thrones” Experience. Robert and the Toymaker Every single one of these hackjobs are horrible.

Based on a true story. Aatch more potentially incriminating is a therapist in Reno, Nevada, to whom Smartt allegedly confessed the murders. Add the first question. Based on one of the most infamous unsolved murder cases in American history, this film follows a family who are terrorized at an isolated cabin by mysterious assailants.

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Everything about this movie was mediocre at best. I can’t even be bothered to write them all out, needless to say that if you hit a dangerous intruder on the head and he is out, you don’t leave the house as the mother, to get help and leave the guy on the floor with all the kids and leave him there untied, or really, really knocked out, you know, extremely!

It got to the point where it became funny when this music played, which is a bit awkward of me to say about a movie with such grim subject matter but on,ine almost seemed to border on parody at points.

But that was about it. Then the incredibly stupid decisions happen.

Examinations revealed that the victims suffered blows from at least two different hammers of varying sizes, and Sue and John had been stabbed repeatedly.