Police whistles of the depicted style do not have a ball. Yeah, like factories are never repurposed. Not old-person sad bald. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on December 9, Not vintage, but you know, in a pinch. I guess I do feel a little bad about not breast- feeding my kids. I love records, weird movies, thick glasses, and artisanal foods, which comes part and parcel with hipsters invading your town.

T-Rex loves decaying industrial-scapes. I did, when I was uno. What happened to our town? Emily voice Colin Meloy Homer becomes upset when someone believes him to be Bart’s grandfather, and worries that he is no longer cool. When they’re gone, I’m done. Oh, he’s such a cute little rascal.

Nuclear energy was a craft before it was a science. Oddly enough, the rest of Springfield seems really down with it, and accept the fact that Springfield is now turning into a weird synthesis of Portland and Austin. Immediately upon hearing this, Terrance and Emily and the rest of the cool people move, much to Lisa’s dismay.

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We’re not like these people. Hey, this is my armadillo, Chewy. T-Rex voice Marcia Wallace So Homer makes it his goal to befriend Terrence, and figure out how he can be a cool dad too. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Lifetime of Simpsons Tagged as: I can see where he gets his good looks.


Parenting is about bedtimes, and passwords on computers, and complicated punishments you never follow through on! That’s okay– he is pretty lame. But, lucky for Marge, everything is about to fall apart. Let’s just watch TV. Why do you think everything’s lame?

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The sumpsons who gives the sexual harassment seminars brought them in. Start your free trial. I mean, what’s wrong with the old ways? Yeah, it was great!

The Day the Earth Stood Cool – The Simpsons [S24E07]

simpssons I was never cool. The popular watcu series will air a Portland-centric episode with a pair of special guests”. We’re not going anywhere. We had to replace the ball but everything else is stock. Meanwhile, Homer and Marge have pretty quickly given up on their quest to destroy Terrence and Emily, and instead go to apologize to them at a festival in the town square. He’s like the dad in a Wes Anderson movie.

Come on, dude, this party rocks! Previous Episode Next Episode.

Views Read Edit View history. I can’t even wear it ironically ironically. You have a fun job, a skull ring– and it’s not Halloween– and your belt is a seat smpsons However when Bart and Terrence’s son T-Rex start a fire which threatens the trendies’ house it is Marge to the rescue with her ‘old-fashioned’ remedy. This is our neighborhood, we were here first so you should leave. Our house just got written up in Dwell.


Parenting shouldn’t have a style! Change everything about ourselves until we are super-cool. Bart hates him, but Lisa is instantly enamored with his tastes.

See what I’m dealing with here, Ned? If I show up with a toy from the store like we would give our kids then I’ve failed! simpsojs

dimpsons You are commenting using your Facebook account. Homer becomes upset when someone believes him to be Bart’s grandfather, and worries that he is no longer cool.

Don’t go breaking any hearts. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. I did, when I was uno. And what’s with the scarf?

And, just like that, Springfield is inundated with new citizens, who rapidly transform Springfield from a semi-quaint small town into a hipster Mecca. Burns voice Fred Armisen