No, the cultists who bought the piece seemed satisfied with the brand’s halfhearted offer and lack of explanation Thank you, sir. Apparel Reviews Watch Snob: Please help me learn what else is out there. Check out the gallery above to see some of the best valued watches from Baselworld If you want to become more educated about watches, you will have to learn to pick out useful information and the best way to become good at filtering out junk information quickly, is to develop a solid base of your own knowledge. The brand’s well-heeled obsessives are toasting the retro-inflected cream-colour dial of this perpetual calendar which tracks the date for perpetuity, including leap years and months with 28 or 30 days on a design that recalls Patek classics from the s and s.

What do you think of it? Interesting thread and thought process for me, actually, as I don’t own a dress watch and don’t have any interest in doing so even though I wear suits all the time Then comes the following question: The ultra thin being considered at that time as a complication I was hoping to get smaller watch, say 38″ or less. Unfortunately for Corum the appeal is rather niche, and not enough to keep the brand from seeming simply irrelevant to most modern watch enthusiasts.

The ultra thin being considered at that time as a complication Well, if you think a grand sonb or minus quid. Zenith Watches Watch Snob: It is based on a watch that he owns.

There are interesting, and more recent, ultra-thin movements like the AP and the Vacheronbut again these designs are decades old, and no one is likely to make anything that will be serious challenge to those movements either. Nothing more than a green minute track and some green text on the dial.


This whimsical piece, designed by celebrated watchmaker Jean-Marc Wiederrecht, does more than tell the time. Automatic watches Classic watches.

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Way below budget but if not going to get worn much then an orient bambino may be just the job http: Same budget, no dress watch in the collection. Results 1 to 10 of Oddly I was thinking the opposite.

Apparel Reviews Style Guide: August 2nd, 6. Gone are tihn whims of its deranged egomaniacal upper management, and the brand is again playing to its strengths — wach sport watches that emphasize Zenith’s excellent El Primero chronograph movements. The Elite caliber is indeed small compared to the total diameter of the case.

Zenith Watches

Would you consider a vintage Rolex Precision ? Ask The Watch Snob Archives: This model features a titanium case, a skeleton dial and a high-frequency chronograph accurate to one-hundredths of a second. I also enjoy some of the Zenith Open Face watches but, to be honest, I don’t know enough about Zenith as a brand.

Good choice and someone on here has one, I remember seeing it on a Friday thread. Watches Six adventurous watches with a story behind the dial Contains: Nice work, following the footsteps of the new collection.

Since I haven’t met you, I can’t write “I can imagine you wearing this” but I can certainly imagine you posting pictures of something like this and explaining exactly why you can carry it off http: Particularly since the likes of the skydweller have enough clout and precious metal to ultga acceptable for any formal or informal occasion.


August 2nd, 9.

Zenith Elite Ultra Thin

But is it really an ultra thin? How can they do it? I would love to hear your thoughts and recommendations. David Jones takes men’s thim up a notch this autumn.

I’ve seen less dressy? Depending on how snobby you are, Eterna make quite a few automatic dress watches over 40mm. Choice of four different dial colours. What’s the harm in a bit of naked wrist! Since I haven’t met you, I can’t write “I can kltra you wearing this” but I can certainly imagine you posting pictures of something like this and explaining exactly why you can carry it off Yep, had one and probably perfect, snkb out of budget unfortunately.

I want to ask you if during the summer it’s better to wear a different strap, maybe made with leather or tissue.

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I am enamored zenithh tiny mechanical watches. I see some pre-owned with Zenith jltra and some with Rolex movement. The point is that a watch is much more than what you deem it to be. The size is going to be an issue I reckon as vintage territory would give you all you need and more but they come in at mm. But it still channels the spirit of Mario Andretti, Jochen Rindt and other racing legends.

Nice size and looks the part.