By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The CW , who operated the Toonzai video-on-demand website the successor to the TV-based 4Kids TV , hosted all 26 episodes of the series for free streaming on their website before 4Kids Entertainment went bankrupt and Toonzai programming was subsequently canceled in late The 4 top-scoring combatants move onto the Battledome in a 2-minute free-for-all match with the same rules as the regular matches score points by knocking the opponent onto the cage wall , with the winner receiving 3 Ki-Symbols, one from each of the defeated opponents. Team Yellow emerged victorious, and for their victory, they received the Ki-Symbols of their defeated opponents Superstar getting Tracer’s Ki-Symbol and Lady Lightning getting Chameleon’s. The show was not broadcast for several years following its cancellation. The Pak brothers, Ho Young and Ho Sung Star Warrior and Superstar, respectively were pitted in a preliminary match against one another, and just as Superstar’s gauge was almost at the bottom when Star Warrior had him beaten, Superstar bowed to his brother, signifying that he was giving up, thus awarding Star Warrior the win.

Part 2 After the controversial end to last season’s Dragon Star Championship, when both challengers were knnocked off the platform at the same time, The Machine and Superstar have their rematch in the It was also discovered that a conspiracy was beginning to brew involving master Warlock and new master Tracer. Matches took place atop a rotating platform. Ninjas will invade the cage during the match, and if a ninja forces one of the fighters into the cage, the opponent gets the point. The different kinds of ninjas included the following:. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. When Superstar saw his brother switch forms to Drunken Fist in the match, he bowed out.

The final incident was another where Red Dragon lost by getting knocked into the water by the Machine in the Mayan Mystery battlezone and ending up all wet. Turbo, by Sudden Death. The 8 Points are: Martial arts television series s American television series American television series debuts American television series endings Sports entertainment First-run syndicated television programs in the United States.

His first defense of the star would come against Warlock, where the conspiracy once again reared itself. The series has not been syndicated in any medium since the closure of Toonzai’s website.


Stunt veteran Nick Brandon worked as a safety coordinator.

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In season 2, Shannon Lee was no longer the host, and the show focused more on fantasy and less on real-life issues. There were many different Battlezones for the fighters to compete in, whether they were for preliminaries or for ninja challenges.

Each person’s reason goes quick until they get to The Machine and he tells them exactly how and why he became “”The. Brothers in Arms The episode centers on a bout between brothers, Superstar and Star Warrior and a story is told about how Star Warrior once saved Superstar’s life. In most episodes, it begins with 4 combatants, 2 of them fight in nasters separate matches.

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mssters Because both the Machine and Superstar had been knocked off the pedestal by a ninja during the Dragon Star match, neither won the Dragon Star. Black Widow is the only ever champion, male or female, to have willingly relinquished her Dragon Star, which then caused 3 competitors — namely, Lady Lightning, Princess, and Chameleon — to be automatically eligible to compete in a Dragon Star match.

In Battlezones settings with water hazards, like Mayan Mystery and Danger Dock, if a combatant was knocked into the water during the match, he or she would automatically lose the match.

Battles were fought on elaborate closed sets, with an omniscient narratoron-screen scoring and health gaugesgiving the show a feel of a cinematic live-action video game. Despite the interference, Red Dragon won the match and retained his title.

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A thunderstorm was appearing in one episode, and Great Wolf and Turbo were battling it out in the Dark Alley. This became a problem throughout the World Martial Arts Council. Only three of these were ever held, one in the first season and two in the second season. Going for Gold Olympus recalls how he almost lost his gold medals and how it taught him a valuable lesson. If successful, the fighter will get points, and the opponent will receive a mild electric shock.

Also, if a fighter chooses to hold on to the cage after being knocked into it, no scoring can take place until he lets go.

The new armor design was incorporated into the toy version of The Machine. No ninjas would participate in this sort of Battledome match, but Sudden Death rules still applied in case of a tie at the end of the match. Ninjas will invade the cage during the match, and if a ninja forces one of the fighters into the cage, the opponent gets the point.


Epiwode case of a tie, the fighters will compete in sudden death. The show, while featuring real martial arts by trained martial artists, wmwc a fantasy setting using fictional episodic stories, with each episode relating a life lesson.

They originally suspected Chameleon of being that third member, but realized that she was innocent; not only was her terror at seeing the Jukido crest instead of the Dragon Star genuine, but Superstar had also previously overheard her reject Tracer’s episoee to be part of “the team.

Foley, who portrayed “Tracy Swedom” ki-symbol: The Dragon Star represents the greatest martial artist in the world. Season 2 began where season 1 left off.

Ho Sung Pak ‘s name, in his native Koreanmeans “Superstar. The fighters each try to force the opponent into the cage wall.

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According to the officials, if the rain was too great for combat, the match had to be cancelled or suspended. Scroll below and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Dragon Star Rematch After the controversial end to last season’s Dragon Star Championship, when both challengers were knnocked off the platform at the same time, The Machine and Superstar have their rematch in the Great Wolf 1, Warlock 1, Tsunami 4Panther 1.

The Dragon Star is a gold trophy that looks like a shuriken surrounded by a dragon ; it was proof that its holder was the best martial artist in the world. The winner will receive the opponent’s “Ki-Symbol” and have it placed on their “Dragon Belt”.

However, one last episode did air in after the end of the show, which was known as “The Turning Points of the Masters”; in this episode, four masters The Machine, Yin Yang Man, Superstar and Olympus told their stories that were their personal “Turning Points” these stories were actually all previously shown during episodes of Season 1.