Large life-supporting vein in one’s neck, the cutting of which may lead to death. Git me some wahr, my muffler needs fixed. I hope he doesn’t take it lying down. Submitted by Amanda Smith, Exton, Pennsylvania. Submitted by Dea Harris, Pittsburgh. Anything made by H. The chocolate or multi-colored toppings on your ice cream cones or cookies.

From the gourd family of vegetables. I’ve been dickerin’ with that salesman for an hour. Corner lady — prostitute;hooker. M’air needs doon n’at, so’s awl be goein’ dahntahn te de bootyparler. To look for, search. We spunt alls the money on Stillers tickets.

Sam, don forgit yer tobahgin. Kuehner, Homestead Cinstruction Process used to build or repair things. Submitted by Jason Tang, Pittsburgh. Originally in East Pittsburgh. To flirt around when already committed to someone.

Submitted by Rick Wexler, Philadelphia.

Look, Walt’s wearin’ fishheads! What ahr bether the meal let aht? A refelective surface into which one peers while picking sammitch crumbs from ones beard. Submitted by Mike Ladue, Chardon, Ohio.


A place where you put cloes after they’re worshed and dried. Submitted by Marilyn Hite, Ross Township. Submitted by Rhonda Goodling, Homestead. Submitted by Marty King, Pittsburgh Juggler Large life-supporting vein in one’s neck, the cutting of which may lead to death.

The drink you make while bored at the Sheetz.

Pittsburgh Christmas Carol

Yinz better eetcher breffis! Iris, why are ya hawkin’ clothes at Pants N’at? Where the police put you after you’re arrested.

Based on data. I seen the plane was in trouble just before it busted up. Submitted by Rick Weinstein, Pittsburgh. Submitted by Diana Wolf, New Jersey.

Man it’s slippy out’der. My throat’s on fahr.

The gum on my underwear has totally streched out! Originally Posted by saturdayskids. Yinz bitter stop playin’ that Intendo so much or yinz’ll ga blind. Submitted by Sue, Florida. If yinz er goin, put aht the garbidge.

Donald Trump has issued a stark warning to Germany saying “they’d wahch watch themselves” as he blamed terror attacks to European immigration. Take the chicken outa da freezer so’s it can unthaw.


Santa claus parody (home, kids, town) – Pittsburgh – Pennsylvania (PA) – City-Data Forum

It’s netter very tough situation. Ugly, generic “no-name-brand” sneakers. At a ressron yinz can git a baked tayduh ir frenge fries. Are yinz comin dahn my haus to watch the Stiller’s game?

Anything made by H. To make something loose. Detailed information about all U.

The season between fall and spring. I coudn lagahn to ‘merican ahnline coz their nummers aways bizzy Submitted by Dan Mahaffey, Ingram. Submitted by Mark, Akron.

He felled the test. Let’s take the Jimmy deer spottin’.