To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Sakshi tells Rachna that her life is ruined by Sandeep Rai Anuraag , a business tycoon who has kept Sakshi as his keep. It covers the entire story in detail up to Ram’s coronation. The latter swears to Overview The Zee Horror Show is a Hind horror drama television series presented by the Ramsay Brothers and features short horror stories. Subtitles Audio Languages Available On. It was the time when the episodes like Dastak,Taaveez,Dhund,Tehkhana was enough to give goosebumps and the ghost of Vikkranta Jabbar gave nightmare after switching of Tv and going to bed.

This irks Sandeep so much so that he assaults her. Javed Khan was hailed as the most talented actor on the television scene once, owing to his performances in this series. Police also grill Sandeep Rai in connection with Sakshi’s murder; however, lack of evidence lets Sandeep get away scot free. Deepak Parashar, Amita Nangia, Shubha. Braganza again hikes her price when Jethalal brings another prospective buyer for the guesthouse. Be it the over popular K-Serials that run over for decades and more or comedy shows that give us doze of hearty laughter!

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Monty always calms her down and rubbishes her notion that the house is haunted. The following night, Raja again resumes his search but he is attacked and killed by an unknown entity. Inthey turned their interest towards Indian Television. This show is still in demand between Ramsay fans. Each title is ranked according to its share of pageviews among the items displayed.

Yet another episode, “Jeevan Mrityu”, based on dowry system featuring Pallavi Joshi gained so much popularity that 1sr was re-telecast on popular public demand. The show premiered on Sahara Manoranjan Sahara One now in Here are list of popular Indian Tv horror shows which will take you to nostalgia! Notify me of new comments via email.


Realising that Vishal’s life is in danger, Sweety rushes to Indrajeet and asks him to save Vishal from Nakita’s clutches. Later at midnight, Vishal gets suspicious of his new neighbours when he sees two men carrying a coffin inside their house. Watch the first ever episode of ZHS here.

In one of the episodes, Irrfan Khan talks about a woman who predicts future by looking into coffee mugs! Anuradha 3 episodes, Sudhir Judge Malhotra 2 episodes, Fed-up of this illicit relationship, Sakshi demands that Sandeep marries her.

Akash asks Rachna to stop thinking about Sakshi. Meanwhile, Akash Sgow ShuklaRachna’s husband, is in a euphoric mood when he signs his first film.

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Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Madhumati 2 episodes, Surendra Pal Many great actors acted in Aahat hhorror well. Nanda, in reality, is Arjun’s girlfriend. Leena finds the atmosphere abnormal, but since Raja is with her, she does not mind. But Indian TV hasn’t disappointed in the horror shows department either! Another gripping take on paranormal activities was the show Fear Files However, she does not die, but merely faints. Madhumati 2 episodes, But Nakita’s aides thrash him so badly that he loses his consciousness.

Be it the over popular K-Serials that run over for decades and more or comedy shows that give us doze of hearty laughter! Vikranta Jabbar 2 episodes, Sumeet Pathak Each story was made to run for eight weeks. The tales unfolds and take mysterious turns. Fpisode, Madhu, a close aide of Raja’s boss, manages to get a job as a cleaner in the guesthouse.

Inspector 2 episodes, It was not only first but also the longest running horror show of Indian Tv. The sixth season of the episode premiered in February SiskiyanPart 1In this 1st part of the horror short shiw ‘Siskiyan’ from ‘The Zee Horror Show’,Rachna is taken aback when she comes to know that Sakshi Harsha Mehraher neighbour, has committed suicide.


Related Shows Fear Files – Shows. Aahat in my opinion had the best story-telling technique on Indian television amongst all the serials I have seen. The name is almost synonymous for horror genre in India.

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When Julie wakes up, she is shocked to find herself locked in the cabinet. Add the first question. However, his joy soon vanishes when the director rejects him after taking his screen test. Fed-up with their daily fights, Julie seeks solace in alcohol.

Vishal meets Indrajeet and tells him everything about this vampire, but to his astonishment, Indrajeet too does not believe him. He goes to Leena, his sweet heart, and tells her that the bad phase of their life is finally over. However, before she can execute her plans, Sandeep kills her brutally. On the contrary, he loses his cool with Vishal when he tells him that she is a vampire.

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Braganza continues to chat with eplsode dead body of her son, in the hope that he may come back to life some day. Existing Premium Users, Click here to login. A horror anthology series revolving around different ghost stories.

Full Cast and Crew. Vishal is shocked, but Indrajeet heaves a sigh of relief when Nakita drinks the holy water.

On the other hand, Mrs. The show was retitled Anhonee from In a possessed state, Monty goes to police station and confesses his crime of killing Julie.